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Horse Boy Camps are run by independent equine professionals who take responsibility for the safety and quality of experience of children and families taking part. While HB UK is not directly responsibility for the running of camps we take every care to ensure that the people running the camps are skilled, trained in the HB method and operate to high standards.

The aim of the camps is to provide the most natural environment possible for children on the spectrum, their parents and siblings to interact and spend time with our horses and ponies and experience the Horse Boy Method. Camps typically last 3-4 days and are often where we see our best results. It offers the whole family a chance to immerse themselves in nature, surrounded by an extended tribe or community of other autism families and carers and escape the pressures and judgement of their everyday lives. 

Horse Boy UK Camps & Centres

Camps in the UK are run by a few dedicated Independent Horse Boy Practitioners. To find dates, location, and contact information please visit our Horse Boy Camps Adventure website.

Horse Boy elsewhere

Please find Independent Horse Boy Practitioners in the UK and elsewhere on Horse Boy World.




Playdate in Central Market, Austin, TX

 I am VERY IMPRESSED. What I saw was a child (around 12 years old) riding double with his mother. This was beyond anything I have ever seen for joy and love and deep connection between a mother and her autistic child. The mother said it is the only time she can be close to him. The boy, James, was quietly content and kept going back to the horse to stand with his arms quietly on her every time we talked and left him alone!” – Linda Tellington Jones, T-Touch


Playdate out at New Trails, Elgin, TX 

“We had such a wonderful time with the horses this afternoon. Phoenix rode Hope with Matt for a pretty long time (he usually rides Clue). There was a new horse out there...When Phoenix was done with Hope, he reached out to the new horse wanting to ride her. He got right up there with a total stranger and did GREAT! This horse is much, much taller than the other ones. He's so calm and at ease on the horses. I'm so glad we're doing this.” Phoenix’s Mum


Playdate at Conquest RDA Centre, Taunton 

“Thank you for organising last Monday evening and Tuesday with Rupert.  We really enjoyed the event – we were inspired.  We also loved the fact that it was very informal and relaxed.  It was  lovely watching River really enjoying himself playing.  We were on a high for the rest of the week!  Love Claire, Justin, River & Gypsy Hope” 

“One mother reported that the day after the playdate, her daughter Saffie woke up and said ‘Dylan’.  Dylan is the name of the therapy horse.  Saffie has been riding for several years, and has largely been non-verbal.  She has recently started to say ‘yoghurt’, ‘toast’, ‘horse’ and ‘yes’.  This has coincided with her starting to back-ride at canter.” – Chantal Bannister, Conquest (pictured below, riding at Conquest with Saffie and Dad doing sensory work with River) 

“Another 6 yr old girl I back ride with saw me riding with Saffie and asked to go and say hello to her afterwards.  This was a total shock for her mum, as she has never approached another child socially.  We have now moved her slot to right next to Saffie’s, in the hope that it will keep it going.Chantal Bannister, Conquest