There are many ways to get involved with our Mission

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2018 Initiative

We are currently re-writing the secondary school (13 to 16 year) math and science curriculum for kinetic learning in partnership with Professor Alred Zieglerm University of Osnabrueck, Germany. These modules and lesson plans will be made available for schools, home schoolers, and parents online and through live workshops, both for special and general ed. Help us revolutionize the current learning system and train the leaders of tomorrow. Find out more under current activities.

Monetary Donations

Donations, to help us help families facing neuro-psychiatric crisis at our various centres, is always desperately needed. Also donations to help our centres with staff, horse and general running costs are also constantly needed. 

  • £10 donation buys a bag of horse feed at one of our equine therapy centres. 
  • £25 art supplies for kinetic learning sessions (this is our most used and replaced resource)
  • £50-£70 buys a round bale of hay that feeds 2 horses for a month 
  • £75 buys a family a Horse Boy or Movement Method session 
  • £150 buys a family a training in Movement Method so that they can learn to implement their own therapies at home
  • £250 sends our team into a school to give teachers an intro to Movement Method
  • £500 trains an equine therapist in Horse Boy Method
  • £1000 send a whole family to a 3 day overnight Horse Boy Method and Movement Method camp



Any donation large and small is much appreciated. Even more effective is to choose to donate a small amount monthly as continued giving. Many of our larger supporters run matching grant challenges through out the year, so your donation is likely to be doubled. Also check with your employer as many larger employers offer donation matching for their employees. Please click here to donate now. You can also send us a cheque to:
Horse Boy Foundation UK
5 Glyndebourne Close

Volunteer at a Centre

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All our centres are always in need of motivated and empathetic volunteers. None of our places in the UK or around the world could function without the countless hours put in by volunteers. Horse experience while helpful is not required. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for opportunities, or check out our centres around the world to find a place near you. We also offer live in working student opportunities at selected centres in the UK and around the world. This is a fantastic way to spend your GAP year. Find more details on our working student programme here

Get Trained as Movement Method Mentor or Horse Boy Method Practitioner

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Through the training wing of our organization we offer workshops and online courses. Our mission is to serve 100,000 families and kids in the UK and 1 million families and kids worldwide by 2021 which can only be accomplished by training many other Mentors and Practitioners in the Methods. 

Mentors are people trained to implement Movement Method at home, in a school or in a clinical environment. Practitioners are people trained to implement Horse Boy Method in therapeutic riding environments most Practitioners also are trained in Movement Method to understand the scientific background better and to ensure that even when the child is not on the horse learning still occurs. 

To learn more how to become a Mentor or Practitioner check out this website

Find a Centre or Camp near You


We have trained approximately 2500 people in Horse Boy and Movement Method worldwide. Out of those a number have gone through our extensive evaluation phase and are now certified Practitioners or Mentors. This certification helps ensure a certain quality of service and helps parents find a centre or camp that best suits their needs. Please be aware that only Practitioners and Mentors displayed on the this page are authorized to offer Horse Boy and Movement Method services. Find a Centre near you here.

Contact Us for all other Inquiries

If you have other questions drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.